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I'm Suz-Ann, the owner of TGO Fitness. I'm thrilled to share my story with you.

Around 2006, I realized that I needed to start leading a healthy, active lifestyle. I didn't want to go to the gym by myself or walk alone, or go to aerobic classes alone. I wanted to start with walking and I wanted to have friends and family join me. I figured that there was no sense in getting my friends and family on this active living kick if I had no idea what I was doing. After all who wants to waste their time if there are no benefits or if we got hurt?


I started educating myself about healthy eating and the particulars of regular exercise. After starting this, I needed to know more so I got certified in a couple of group fitness leadership courses. Naturally, this led me to wanting to be an instructor!


Here’s where the best part begins, and I really can’t wait to share it with you…..


Later on, I enrolled in Kangoo Jumps classes. I fell in love… Yes!! I said it!! FELL IN LOVE WITH EXERCISE!! Truly, it was so fantastic that in May of 2018, I enrolled and certified as a Kangoo Jumps Power instructor and by November of 2018, I also certified in Kangoo Jumps Dance.


My goal with Kangoo Jumps certifications is to achieve all that Kangoo Jumps offer for class types. My main goal with Kangoo Jumps certification is the Discovery for kids. Eventually I would like to be working with children with Autism and Down Syndrome. With that dream in mind I know there is way more to learn outside of Kangoo Jumps.


I am in the midst's of becoming ALFCA Certified. Presently I have passed the Exercise theory exam, taken the Aquatic Exercise Specialization course, and will be doing the written exam in June. Once I have passed that exam, I will then be required to do the practicum to complete that designation. Once completed, I will carry on with more of the AFLCA designations such as Group Fitness Leader and Resistance Leader.


TGO Fitness now opening up and I am moving forward towards my goal of eventually being able to retire from my full-time job and instructing full time! I am so excited to be spreading my love of healthy living with my family, friends, and all of my NEW friends that I will have the pleasure of meeting. I look forward to seeing where my fitness journey will take me and all the people that will join me on the same journey. I am SO EXCITED for you to join me!


Safe, clean, judgement-free environment

Quality equipment

Up-to-date certifications and continuing education

Continuous support

Positive up-beat atmosphere

Great music


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